Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Secret Life of the Artist #10

Since I don't always keep track of the entries, I'm calling this "#10" if it is or not. I have two pictures, kind of unrelated, posted. One, the landscape I did of the south road from Mineral Point, Wisconsin has been accepted into the "Horizontal Grandeur" show at the Stevens County Museum in Morris, Minnesota this summer and fall. It's a show that goes on for several months. There are 69 pieces by only 51 artists, which means I was one of the few that had two pieces accepted. They also took a painting I did called "October Fields" which won an award at another show. Never heard of this show until I somehow saw it posted on Facebook. Luckily it not only fits my kind of work, but since I am living in a "Prairie" state, I can enter the show. Finally, the other picture. Why is there a picture of a pocket watch on the page? I have been rather busy over the last couple weeks actually earning some money by doing my watch repair thing. I got started through a friend, but we were getting started by buying junk watches and getting them running. I am still at the mercy of the number of junk watches I still have that aren't running. I am self taught and can't do every possible type of repair, so it's a boon when I do get something decent, clean it up and am able to sell. Despite that, I am working on a larger version of a painting of a group of cattle I did a while ago. I plan to get out for some plein air painting also.