Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Been a while, man!

I know, it's been a while. I haven't put anything up here on the blog because I've been busy with other things. However, I did put up this painting which is called "Lee County Flashmob". When I was in Lee County doing some painting I came across this little herd of beef which followed me around like a pack of dogs. I had started this and put it down for almost a year in disgust, only to take it up and finish it. Sometimes these paintings take a lot of extra thinking and work to solve the problems within them. It wasn't that the animals were hard to do, although they are, it was the balance in the painting...getting the sky, the barn and the ground colors right. So, besides that, I won a ribbon for a still life and also sold two still life paintings at The Next Picture Show Gallery in the "Raw and Cooked" show. (Still waiting for the check!!!) This is part of the group of still life paintings I did under Melody Boggs' tutelage in North Carolina. Another thing.....I am going to be part of the Amana Plein Air Festival in Amana, Iowa later this month (Aug.). I've never done that before, so I am looking forward to three days of outdoor painting. Here's another thing about the Lee County Flashmob painting --- I was gonig to put that one in the Farms & Barns show this September, but a friend wanted to buy it. How to resolve this???? I will sell her the small one and I have set about doing a much larger one which I will show next year. I ran into the same thing I had in the small one ---- that is, I have stopped working on it because it has reached the stage that I hate it. But one day during the fall or winter I will take it up and finish the painting to my liking. And isn't that the whole point of it all ----- if you aren't finishing a painting to the degree that pleases you the painter, what are you painting for?