Thursday, September 25, 2008

Farms & Barns show

Last week the Farms & Barns show opened at The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon, Illinois along the Rock river. Dixon is about 100 miles to the west of Chicago and takes about two hours to get there which would explain the bewildered expression on my face. Not to be confused with the Barns & Farms show in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, which I've done the last two years, the Farms & Barns show is a nice one too. My two paintings are the pastel on top and an oil below. I received a 3rd place award for that 12 X 24 oil of a farm after harvest in southern Wisconsin. In the meantime, I have been very busy painting, although I must confess --- I haven't been outside. Here I intend to be a plein air painter and there I am, upstairs in the studio painting inside. It's an embarrasing confession to make.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Studies from Cody, WY

I guess it's possible to do good work without really coming up with an image you want to put in a frame. Following instructions, I did my block in (or as the painters out west like to say, "mass it in") and went after the color. These are both 6" X 8" studies on canvas board. The mountain scene is very high key with a lot of subtle color, but I remember really liking doing that one. I thought they were good for gathering information: the colors were accurate and the values stay where they are supposed to. I have a large painting in mind that will use what I have here, but that will be a while before it gets posted.