Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Plein air landscape and a self portrait

The self portrait was done a long time ago -- I'm more grizzled looking at present. The landscape was done in Door County, Wisconsin. The rock wall was made with all the rocks taken out of a field no longer used for cultivation. It reminds me of hearing the plow blades whacking into those rocks as the farmers prepare their fields in the spring. Trees grow through the rocks and there are more trees in the distance. The painting was done in about an hour. The light was changing, so I had to stop.


william wray said...

Can you post them larger? they are hard for this old dude to see.

Slim Johnson said...

William -- thanks for visiting the site. I'm new to doing all this, finally figured out what I was doing wrong and now the pictures can be enlarged. You an old dude???? I'm older! Steve

Jan said...

Grizzled? You? Your self-portrait is interesting as I can't remember seeing any others that you have done. How old were you when you did that one?

I clicked on the landscapes, and I'm always surprised by how much color you use. I remember having the same feeling when I would look at your chalk drawings (back years ago).