Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Barns & Farms

I sent out slides of three paintings a couple months ago and had two of them accepted to a national juried show called "Barns and Farms". The show is in Kewaunee, Wisconsin and about a four hour drive for me. I dropped them off there and darned if the place wasn't a barn building which houses a gallery and a school of art. The show begins this Saturday, the 7th of July, and ends in early August. The large farmhouse painting is a 30" X 40" oil on canvas and the cattle at the shore painting (14" X 18") was a from a place I stayed in Scotland on the Isle of Skye in Lower Breakish. So if Clint Eastwood ever asks me "Do you feel lucky, punk?", I'd have to say "Yeah" and then duck.


Finn said...

Hi Slim, just linked over Lynn's blog, and what a delight your painting blog is...*VBS* And I'm a WI girl to boot, love your painting. I hadn't realized you had painted the picture Lynn had of her grandmother feeding the struck a note in my heart for sure.
If it's alright, I'll add a link to your blog on my sidebar. I'm way too far from where your painting will hang, but if you have anything closer to Eau Claire or the Mpls-St Paul area, please do put it on your blog. Really a pleasure to see your work. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs, Finn

Slim Johnson said...

Thanks, Finn --- I do most of my outdoor painting in Wisconsin and I've been in Osceola riding herd on a class full of kids from when I was teaching --- another one of those small world stories. Steve