Saturday, October 27, 2007

Plein air and a watercolor

The watercolor was something to do with only a little while left in classtime -- a portrait of John Muir. The plein air is an 8 X 10 done this week on a very cold day. It was windy and I was standing in the shade to avoid having the sun on my palette and painting. About an hour into it I was having to stand in the sun to get warm. The layers of clouds were really fun to paint and they just kept coming. I'm looking forward to painting as the leaves fall and then the snow begins falling as long as I remember to dress warmly enough.


Lynn Dykstra said...

I love those clouds--worth the shivering!

Slim Johnson said...

Thanks, Lynn. I love painting ouside despite the challenges with the weather. It's a world of difference between painting outside and working from a photograph inside. Once I was describing a contrast like that to my uncle Irv, who, grasping the concept immediately said "Oh, like the difference between a beer and a shot and a beer."

yeu_yeu said...
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