Monday, December 24, 2007


This is another pastel, 5" X 7", of a farmhouse along Highway 20 in southern Wisconsin. The road wends its way through East Troy, Waterford, Honey Creek and farms along the way. There are many of this style house along the road -- old farmhouses. They look great no matter what season you drive by. In the more than 20 years I have passed through here I can spot one house or farm after another that I have done in an oil painting or pastel. Some of the houses I did many years ago are now obscured by the growth of trees and would no longer look as good as a subject. When I was an art student (although one is always an art student, I guess) I did the portrait and figure every day. After that I still did a good number of portraits and basically had to learn landscape on my own. At some point you wonder, how did I fall into doing this? What makes one artist do a majority of still life and I wind up doing this series of farmhouses and farms? It's Christmas and I'm no psychology major; I'll think about that later. Have a merry Christmas.

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julieQ said...

Lovely work!! I was linked to you through my quilter's blog friends. I just love your work...