Thursday, May 1, 2008

First of May

The Art Institute of Chicago has the Homer and Hopper show now. Both are really great shows for an artist to see -- why?, you ask: they show their work early on when they were still learning their craft. It was always important for me when I was a student to know that others were working long hours at the craft and still learning. This weekend I help install a watercolor show called "Waterworks" which I did last year. I will be there twice -- it's fun talking to the other artists in the show, to the people and to watch the gallery rats -- the people who come out to all the show openings to drink wine, eat cheese and crackers and never spend a dime. You have to have a sense of humor when you are an artist. Patience too!! The top painting is an oil, 9" X 12", of Chapel Street in Stratford Upon Avon. I don't know what was there in Shakespeare's time, but I bought something in the bakery on the left side of the street. The other two, the portraits, are small watercolors, like 10" X 14" and 8" X 10".


rob ijbema said...

had a feeling that was England straight away slim.
love the light,the wet,the cars and the terraced house
you caught that bit of England well!

Slim Johnson said...

Thanks, Rob. We'd like to come to Wales (especially after looking at your work).

rob ijbema said...

hehe,you little teaser!
beware,i paint things prettier as they appear.