Friday, September 5, 2008

Studies from Cody, WY

I guess it's possible to do good work without really coming up with an image you want to put in a frame. Following instructions, I did my block in (or as the painters out west like to say, "mass it in") and went after the color. These are both 6" X 8" studies on canvas board. The mountain scene is very high key with a lot of subtle color, but I remember really liking doing that one. I thought they were good for gathering information: the colors were accurate and the values stay where they are supposed to. I have a large painting in mind that will use what I have here, but that will be a while before it gets posted.

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Carol said...

They would both make lovely large paintings. I've got a couple small ones of my own which I have plans to enlarge also. I actually have one hanging on my living room wall which I see daily and every time I think, "I still like that painting but I really want to see it twice as big."