Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finished work - "Sunset In The Bighorns"

I finished this painting recently after a lot of looking and thinking. This is a scene you will see headed east out of the Bighorn mountains just outside Buffalo, Wyoming with the sun setting on your left. I have come through the Bighorns this way twice in recent years and they've been the source of a couple of works. This painting was done in oil, 24" X 36". I should have said it's like a scene you will see.... because I have moved trees, added things to the foreground and edited the road. There's nothing worse than painting something as it is and then upon seeing it, the real thing looks fake. I worked on several other paintings while I was working on this one due to the tedious nature of working on such a large canvas. Also, I seem to want to jump around a bit after working on one thing for so long. You know the famous question...."How long did that take you to do?"...that people want to know. Since I don't punch a clock, I can't answer that one, but I worked on it over a period of about three months. I hope to get this into a show and I just sent off an image of it today.
Now here's another thought: when I first entered shows I had to come up with slides of my work (remember those?). I entered a few show a couple years ago and found out I'd have to wait a week or ten days to get my slides processed. I used to get them in a day or so. They made me feel like a geezer. Since then I've learned to used the digital camera and the computer to produce a CD with my work on it. This latest show was electronic submission only. My wife had to help me with it. I guess I'm a geezer.

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A geezer with a geezer wife:)