Sunday, August 29, 2010


While I was in North Carolina I drove north in the Nantahala National Forest, north of Andrews, NC. There's a lot of river rafting going on there. I pulled off at a turnout and loaded my gear to walk down to the river -- not a problem because there's a nice safe staircase there. I set up next to the river as the rafters went by. I painted this in about an hour with the objective of making short directional brushwork. There was an interesting phenomenon happening while I painted. From time to time a mist would rise up from the water -- very hot moist air above very cold water. So right over on the left where my darkest dark is, it would occasionally be blurred by this mist. I could have and maybe should have worked a little longer on this one, but I felt like I said what had to be said and packed up. This is oil on canvas, 8" X 10".

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