Friday, May 20, 2011

The Ambush Portrait

This is a portrait of April from a watercolor class I take. It's on Arches 140 pound cold press 7 X 10" paper. I did this while she was working on her own painting unaware that I was doing her portrait. The secret to this is to remain calm while your "model" is turning their head this way and that and never remaining still. Otherwise it's just the same as doing any model -- looking for shape, value and color. I did another of these last week however I gave it away and don't have a photo. I managed to take this one home to photograph before I gave it to April. Like my old painting teacher Eugene Hall used to say, "The best ones are the ones you give away."


Yvonne, Sweden said...

"The best ones are the ones you give away."
Yes, and I got the best..!
from a farm in Wisconsin...
I have it on the wall and look at it every day. I am so very glad I got it! I like it vey much!

Slim Johnson said...

Thanks, Yvonne --- I know it's in a good home. Very exciting to have a painting across the ocean.