Monday, March 12, 2012

Secret life of the artist part 8 least I think this is part 8....I haven't looked to see if I'm in numerical sequence. I think I started this "Secret Life of...." series when I came back from the John C. Campbell Folk School some years ago. The point of it is, of course, that artists often have many abilities, some undiscovered. My wife and I were down in Brasstown, North Carolina at the Campbell school. She quilted as she usually does and meets the same excellent teacher and many returning friend quilters. I have to find a class for myself or else I just go painting in the local area. As I did last year, I chose Woodturning. Pictured first is my Woodturning instructor, Steve Ainsworth. My wife took this picture and got him to smile. In the classroom he is quite a bit more serious, but yet funny and helpful. He does some incredible bowl turning and turns pewter as well. Last year he told us if we take Woodturning again, to take someone else. Well, I was so excited to see that he was teaching the same week as my wife's favorite instructor that I signed up immediately, but with a little trepidation. All was well and I found a groove and turned (woodturned) out twice as much work as I did last time.
The next picture has three "natural" edge bowls -- bowls with the bark still on. The other picture has two bowls and a goblet with a captured ring. At times I had 4 to 6 inches of wood shavings at my feet. The next thing for me is to find the funds to buy a lathe of my own. All this will take time away from painting, but bowl turning is fun -- tough, but fun. The last picture is of the large painting that I'm working on -- the "Starting with a mess" painting. I prepared to work down into the foreground reeds, snow and rock. I'm much further on now and will be posting soon.

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