Friday, June 15, 2012

Autumn on Route 12

This is a little (10" X 18") oil I did of a farmhouse along the road in Walworth County Wisconsin. I'm still not sure I like it --- yes, I painted it faithfully, it's drawn accurately and painted pretty well and the colors are done well on the house (which was difficult), but still it's not a top of the list painting --- with, as they call it, the "wow" factor. Maybe I should just paint and not be a critic, after all painting is all I've ever wanted --- I don't want to be a critic and I don't want to run a gallery. It actually was difficult mixing the color of that house - a warm color in the shade -- not always easy. This is a farmhouse in a nice setting along Route 12 west of Fort Atkinson, if I remember correctly. On to the next one.

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