Thursday, December 6, 2012

Artistic license

     This is a landscape I did a while ago -- 14" X 18" oil on canvas,  a farm house along route 20 in southern Wisconsin.  Now it was my art teacher Tom Cushing who first told us to reach in our wallet and pull out our artistic license when we had to do some editing while painting a picture.  Originally, there was no woman tending a garden plot, no small highway marker along the road, asphalt not grass and dirt along the road and no planter box either.  There was a box there, yes, but what was in the box was the erector-set like ironwork for a windmill.  There was not the blades of a windmill, that was gone.  You can still find this house along Route 20 somewhere near Waterford, WI although it has been restored and looks different.  I've been driving up that way for over 30 years and a lot of the houses I've painted are almost unrecognizable now, completely hidden by the trees and foliage that were much smaller then. 

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