Thursday, April 25, 2013

Secret life of the artist -- 9

Needless to say, I hope I'm on part 9 of this series -- I've lost count. These are two views of a drawing I finished just a week ago. Traveling back from the John C. Campbell Folk School in March, I stopped for gas at small Kentucky town, Smith's Grove, north of Bowling Green. Luckily my wife likes to see interesting things and isn't one to just rush through a road trip (like me). There was a sign that said there were old church buildings in the town. We drove around and found those church buildings, but this old Farmer's Bank building is what caught my eye. This time I thought immediately of doing a drawing rather than a painting. This drawing is done primarily with 8B and 4B pencils on Stonehenge paper, 17" X 17". This took me a good number of hours and I sharpened my way through an entire 8B pencil doing it. I don't punch a clock, so I don't know how many hours -- that question comes up too many times. What most non-artists don't understand is that how many hours a painting took just doesn't matter. I've done paintings in an hour and paintings in many, many hours and been paid the same. What matters is getting the work done to the quality you expect of yourself. It just doesn't compute -- adding up the number of hours and dividing that into the price and trying to figure out an artist's "wage" -- so annoying when people do that to you. If you take a close look at the bricks and stonework on the buildings you can see they are individually rendered. That means I did each one by hand -- there's no stamp that will get you that look. Anyone who is interested in making things look a certain way will take the time ( a lot of time) to get it to look the way they want it to. So there's my hint for the day....take a little extra time and make your work stand out whether or nor anyone else appreciates the work you put into it, after all your own work will please you the most.

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