Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Secret Life of the Artist, part 11

A very long time passed since I last had a post. For those of you who have been looking, I apologize, but life occasionally gets in the way, but nonetheless important things happen. In the meantime....the "secret life of the artist" has taken me to other fields....basketmaking and woodworking. As usual, in the Spring, we take an annual trip to the John C. Campbell Folk School. My wife quilts and it's up to me to find something among the classes or else go under "guest" status (which for me is plein air painting). This year I did basketry. I have over the last couple years done some basket weaving, so I thought this would be nice. While I did 5 baskets, I was in a class of people who have been doing this from 10 to 30 years ---- a mistake on my part. Oh, they were nice and all..... but I just was a minor note in a major key. In addition I spent a week or so making a potting bench for gardening (yes, I do that too) for my wife. Using plans, I cut all the boards and screwed them in place and put on the finish and wood protection. As I may have said before, after being in the Navy and being an artist, there just isn't anything I can't do (involving handwork). As to this painting, it was done on a Sunday morning, took me two hours (longer than I like) and was done on an 8" x 10" linen panel. I was part of an unofficiaL group (I'm new) called Anatomically Correct doing an event called Brush With Nature. Coming up, I will be part of the first plein air event in Mineral Point, Wisconsin in August and then Plein Air Amana, in Amana, Iowa in September.

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Lynn Dykstra said...

Andy and I are so glad this painting came home to us!