Sunday, March 4, 2018

The latest

As March enters, I am hoping to do much more plein air painting when it warms up a bit. The latest paintings are the little portrait I did in watercolor of one of the folks at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, David Brose, the historian and banjo player and singer/composer at JCCFS. I also did a nocturne of a street in Dixon, Illinois. One of the pictures, with the green ribbon, was the painting I had in a show in Dixon at the Nest Picture Show Gallery....the doorway of the building next door to the gallery. Despite the local connection, nobody bought it......which seems to be the norm now --- put your paintings in a show and hope you get an award because no one is going to buy it. Finally there's a picture of me with my entry in the Skokie Art Guild spring show, Nature's Palette. I managed a first place with this painting and will receive something in the mail....a card with some money on it. Will this painting sell? Stay tuned, although judging by past experience something tell me "NO".

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