Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fire's Creek, North Carolina

Just last week my wife and I drove to the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. I had taken a blacksmithing course two years ago and a painting course last year. This year I decided to just go plein air painting instead of taking a class since the area haas so many nice features -- mountains, creeks and wooded landscapes. While my wife was quilting with her class, I headed out to Fire's Creek, near Hayesville, North Carolina not far from the school. On the road to the parking area I noticed the "Bear Sanctuary" sign -- which I had not anticipated. However, there were no bears around to disturb me while I painted, only the sound of the waterfall and of rushing water. At the location was a waterfall and a bridge over the creek. These are both 6" X 8" oil paintings done on two days in about an hour and a half.


Lynn Dykstra said...

The rocks out east are so different from what we see here in the midwest--you captured that in these little paintings. And, I can hear the water.

rob ijbema said...

both are very fine paintings slim,
what an amazing place to could you have heard the bear coming standing next to a loud waterfal?

Slim Johnson said...

Thanks, Rob --- Believe me, my head was going 360 degrees while painting. Steve

carol knudsen said...

Hey, Slim. It's me Carol K. The email I've sent you lately is being returned as "undeliverable."

Just thought I'd try to reach you this way.

britney said...

nice post and thanks for sharing...
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Jack said... is a nice place to do the paintings..hope u enjoyed a lot..

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