Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The art world and the rest of the world.

I'm not such a pompous self-important ass to think that artists are somehow more important than anyone else. Artists have to learn that what they do other people either appreciate, don't appreciate, don't understand, haven't been educated to understand or just don't care. I've posted five of the demonstration paintings that I do for a store (not going to tell which one) -- they are hanging (or shall I say screwed to the wall?) in the classroom. I will admit that it does bother me a bit that the manager who put them one the wall, sees it as just a marketing tool -- kind of like a poster, I guess -- to just hang up on the wall. If you look closely you will see the screws right through the paintings. There lies the difference -- artists just don't do things like that --- although sometimes they tear apart an unsuccessful painting -- but that's their decision. There you go -- the difference in understanding art between those who make it and those who can't really appreciate what's going into making it. So ----- five paintings I did in acrylic, all 9 X 12 inches. The one on the lower right is the only one that came from the curriculum book I was given. The rest are my own. Not the greatest work I've done, but I only give them about an hour and a half and then I'm done.

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Lynn Dykstra said...

My sister Beth did a painting in college from the photograph of my great-grandfather with his grain stacks. Being a poor student, she gave it to our grandmother unframed.
A few weeks later she visited, to find that an aunt had hung it for grandma--with a nail straight through the painting about a half inch from the top.
After grandma died, my sister Janna asked for the painting and had it framed, deliberately making sure the nail hole was visible as that had become part of the story.
Keep paintings away from craft stores and my Aunt Tracy!!