Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boathouse at Humboldt Park

Usually I am working on a Saturday when the Chicago plein air Painters are meeting and painting.  About two weeks ago I saw their plan to meet at Humboldt Park in Chicago and decided to go there.  Not having read the instructions carefully I completely missed the fact that they were about 600 yards away to the north on the other side of this building.  Since it was windy and cold, I just moved over to the passenger side of the car and began painting.   I spent about an hour on this (looks better in person than my photo does) little 6" X 8" canvas.  This is the east end of the boathouse.  I still never met any of the Chicago Plein Air Painters, but I did see a large group of people bringing their dogs past the parking lot where I was painting.

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Yvonne, Sweden said...

Maybe it was good that you misunderstood ... then you got the opportunity to paint this beautiful painting!