Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last copy

Thanks to an assist from my cousin Yvonne in Sweden, I am able to begin this blog again. This image is a copy of an N.C. Wyeth painting, "Herons in Summer". I was asked to copy this by a friend of a friend. She also had other things she wanted copied. Unfortunately for me, and the other person, I had resolved that I was done with doing copies of the masters. However I said I would do it. Sad to say, it took me three years. I was teaching at the time and the last thing I wanted to do was work on this. If you wonder why, just look at all those reeds and grasses. I don't just make it my own way -- I was dedicated to doing it accurately. So after dragging it out for so long and several phone calls from her -- "When do you think you'll be done?", etc., I determined to finish as quickly as possible. I did an excellent job despite my disinterest and then, once it was picked up never heard from her again --- except for this photograph. To reiterate --- it was great experience learning painting from the Masters by doing the Masters, but there comes a time when all you want to do is your own work.

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Yvonne, Sweden said...

I understand that it feels good that it's finished, the old saying: "you learn as long as you live" that's probably true. And most of what you do, things you like or things you want to avoid, is the experience .. I'm glad you can display your pictures here again ...!