Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Statue in a Garden

This is a little (9" X 12") oil painting done plein air in a garden. I did this a while ago (meaning years ago) while on vacation in someone's garden. Painting time was about 1 to 1 and a half hours on a canvas panel. Once upon a time my old oil painting instructor Eugene Hall used to say "The best ones are the ones you give away". That's what happened to this one. I gave it away to a friend who "loved" it and I have never seen it since. Maybe she gave it away.


Anita Wolff said...

You gave it to me!I love(d) it! After a few years I gave it to my grandniece Anita Jane, now a teenager, who says she wants to be an artist, in the hope that having a real artwork would inspire her to follow this dream. So far, so good. The painting is charming and much appreciated.

Steve Johnson said...

I'm glad to know the rest of the story -- I couldn't have served a better purpose.